Lastolite Halo Compact 2-Stop Diffuser (32")

Product type: Studio

Vendor: Lastolite



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Lastolite Halo Compact Overview

HaloCompact Reflector & Diffuser

Lastolite has introduced the 32" Halo Compact 2-Stop Diffuser for image makers who want to travel light while taking full advantage of ambient light or minimal lighting gear to produce polished work. Able to set up in seconds, the Halo is built around a rigid metal frame to which the 2-stop diffusion material is attached. The versatile diffuser can be held or mounted in front of a light source, acting like an open-sided softbox to provide a soft, flattering quality of light with reduced contrast. Another frequent use is holding the Halo up over the subject's head to tame the harsh midday sun.

The supporting ring has a large, ergonomic handle that makes for a secure, comfortable grip when angling the Halo or holding it overhead. The frame also has 1/4" female threads and a 1/4" to 1/4" adapter for mounting options. The Halo folds down to a fraction of its open size to fit in the included bag for storage and transport.


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