MYT Works Large Slider Bundle

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MYT Works Large Slider Bundle

  • Smooth Motion & Precise Starts/Stops
  • Hybrid Sleeve/Bearings for Damped Motion
  • 7" Width Span; 80 lb Payload
  • Extruded Rails, No Center Support Needed
  • Can Be Mounted on Tripods, Etc.
  • Modularity for Various Setups
  • Optional Underslung Capability
  • Durability to Withstand Wear & Weather
  • Simple, Intuitive Setup
  • Made in USA


This 4ft Large Glide Slider bundle includes our most popular set of accessories and our custom Jason Cases hard case. The Glide Slider Dolly is known for smooth motion, consistent performance and damage resistance over years of professional use. Large Glide Sliders have a rail span of 9 inches and handle loads up to 150 lbs. They are suitable for any camera from a DSLR to a fully loaded Arri Alexa and any camera in between, including popular Black Magic, Canon, Panasonic, RED and Sony cameras. Designed by a filmmaker to meet the practical needs of camera operators and grips, Glide Sliders have a portable, modular design for ease of use and numerous quick setups in any shooting environment. All MYT Works sliders are manufactured and assembled in New York City. The Jason Cases hard case is a custom case which transports and protects the slider system. Accessories include four locking bolts for the Hi-Hat and two adapters that enable the sturdiest connection between the Glide rails and your support. The Half-ball Adapter allows for mounting the system to a tripod; and the Baby Junior Adapter is for mounting with a C-stand, junior stand or any other industry stand. We also include our Wood Handle and Rosette Leg Adapters with 4 Step Rods to enable quick positioning and leveling on any surface.

  • One Large Camera Slider 4ft. rail length with 100mm Bowl
  • One 100mm Half Ball Tripod Adapter
  • One Junior/Baby Stand Adapter
  • One Large Wood Handle
  • Four Tool-less Locking Bolt .75''s
  • One Jason Cases Hard Case



Camera Head Compatibility 100mm Ball
Glide Load Capacity 150lbs / 68Kg
Glide Carriage Travel 34inch / 864mm
Glide Rail Diameter 0.6inch / 16mm
Rail Span 9inch / 229mm
Glide Rail Profile Dual
Glide Mounting Options tripod (75mm, 100mm, 150mm, Mitchell)
5.8inch pin (light stand, C-Stand, Pigeon Stud)
Junior Stand (2K)
Rosette Legs (19mm, Speedrail)
Baby Feet
Motor Option Yes
Glide Weight 18lbs / 8.3Kg
Glide Dimensions 48.5 x 11.5 x 4.3inch / 1232 x 292 x 109mm
Half-Ball Tripod Adapter
Camera Head Compatibility 100mm Ball
Thread Sizes 3/8inch-16
Wood Handle
Thread Sizes 1/2inch - 13
Length 5inch / 127mm
Locking Bolt
Accessory Type 1/2 -13 screw
Length 0.75inch
Hard Case
Case Type Storm iM3300
Weight 20lbs
Dimensions 17 x 54 x 7inch



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