Westcott Flex Cine DMX RGBW Mat 1-Light Set (1 x 1')

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Westcott Flex Cine DMX RGBW Mat 1-Light Set (1 x 1') - 7708


Key Features
  • 1 x DMX RGBW 1 x 1' Mat
  • 1 x Wireless DMX Dimmer with Case
  • 1 x Lanyard, AC Adapter for Dimmer
  • 1 x Power Cord


Ideal for portraiture, products, and dramatic effects, Westcott has put together this 1 x 1' Flex Cine DMX RGBW Mat 1-Light Set to allow image makers to shape their light source to match their subject. The set includes the Mat and a case, a wireless dimmer with case, AC adapter with power cord for the dimmer, a lanyard, and eight magnetic mounts.

Westcott Flex Cine RGBW Mat (1 x 1')

This Westcott Flex Cine RGBW Mat is a versatile LED system designed for professional filmmakers. This 1 x 1' fixture features an adjustable beam spread of 140 to 360° and features RGBW LEDs that allow you to select virtually any color in the color spectrum, and it has a CRI rating of 97 and TLCI of 98.6 for excellent color reproduction. It emits up to 1800 lux at 3', and it is flicker free up to 960 frames per second.

At 1/4" thin and weighing less than 2 pounds, this pliable LED mat is ideal for travel, storage, lighting in compact spaces, and concealing on set. This LED mat boasts an IP64 water-resistance rating up to the connector for use in a variety of locations. Magnetic, metal-capped corners allow for quickly and temporarily attaching this fixture to most metal surfaces. Flex Cine mats also feature built-in metal grommets and hook-and-loop edging for even further mounting and possibilities.

1 x 1' flexible LED panel light fixture The RGBW LEDs enable the fixture to output virtually any color in the spectrum of visible light Requires Westcott Flex Wireless DMX Dimmer, which is controlled locally or wirelessly and attaches to the fixture via a cable with a TE-9 pin connector The fixture's cable attachment to the fixture is reinforced to help prevent damage The fixture features magnetic corners for easy mounting to most metal surfaces Integrated hook-and-loop fabric enables easy mounting to surfaces treated with hook-and-loop fabric (not included) UPC: 812735028651

Westcott Flex Cine Wireless DMX Dimmer

The Westcott Flex Cine Wireless DMX Dimmer enables you to power and control Westcott Flex Cine LED Mats. It features an integrated V-mount battery plate that provides power to the dimmer and to the LED mat. The dimmer provides local, remote, and wireless control over brightness, color temperature, and effects. You can dim your fixture from 100 to 1% brightness from the dimmer, without causing your fixture's output to flicker.

Built-in gel mode provides over 100 gel effects that can be applied to your LED mat's output, and these effects can be applied in either daylight or tungsten mode (providing your fixture is a bi-color source). It also comes preloaded with presets you can access, as well as customize or create and save your own. In addition to the local control available on the unit itself, the dimmer supports DMX in and out via 5-pin connectors or wireless DMX via Art-Net. You can also use available apps such as Luminair and control the dimmer wirelessly via your mobile device. Connect the dimmer to your Flex Cine Mat and the dimmer's autosensing technology will automatically adjust the dimmer's power output and options to match your fixture.

The dimmer supports the various Flex Cine LED Mats and is equipped with unique Mat Sensing Technology, which automatically reads whichever LED Mat it is connected to. This allows the dimmer to customize its controls and specify the exact voltage needed to operate the light. The dimmer's onboard controls include more than 100 preloaded color gel presets with daylight or tungsten backing, source-matching presets, user-defined presets, as well as CCT controls. Compatible with Luminair app (not included) to create advanced effects and controls wirelessly. Each dimmer can power and control only one mat at a time. This dimmer is equipped with Hybrid Pulse Width Modulation, allowing Flex LED mats to be dimmed to 1% while maintaining a flicker-free output. The Flex Cine Wireless DMX Dimmer supports DMX512 input and output ports and wireless DMX over Art-Net. The built-in V-mount enables you to power the dimmer and the light fixture from a single battery. Please note that you can power a 1 x 1' mat with a 14.8 VC battery, but larger LED mats require a 26 VC battery. Batteries are not included and must be sourced separately. Built-in USB port for firmware upgrades with 5V 1A output. UPC: 812735028644

Westcott AC Adapter for Flex Cine Wireless DMX Dimmer

The AC Adapter for Flex Cine Wireless DMX Dimmer from Westcott is the designated power supply for the 7580 Flex Cine DMX Dimmer. It provides up to 240W of power for any Westcott Flex LED mat that you incorporate. The adapter connects to the dimmer via a built-in V-mount plate and plugs into a wall outlet using an included 16' AC power cord. DC power is delivered to the dimmer through the V-mount plate. The power cord is removable for easier transport.

Featuring a durable and heat-resistant polycarbonate housing and low-decibel cooling fan, the adapter is designed for prolonged on-set use and optimal heat dispersion.

Key Features

  • Designated AC power supply for the 7580 Flex Cine DMX Dimmer
  • Provides up to 240W of power (24V / 10A)
  • Connects to the dimmer via an integrated V-mount plate
  • 16' AC power cord, removable for transport
  • Heat-resistant polycarbonate housing
  • Low-decibel cooling fan


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