Angler Grid for Quick Open Deep Parabolic Softbox (36")

Product type: Lighting

Vendor: Angler



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One of the decisions that a photographer has to make on location is what modifier to use. A reflector provides control, while a softbox's beam spread can be too wide. Angler has a solution with the 36" Grid for Quick-Open Deep Parabolic Softbox. Ideal for time-challenged shooting, the grid easily attaches to the softbox - it's like having the directional control of a reflector, combined with the soft output of a softbox. The grid narrows the beam angle to a narrower 40 degrees, allowing selective lighting of your subject while eliminating concern about light spill.

Narrows Beam Spread, Adds Directional Control, Allows Selective Lighting

Specially designed for the 36" the Angler Quick-Open Deep Parabolic Softbox, the nylon fabric grid narrows the softbox's wide beam spread to 40 degrees, providing the directional control needed for selective lighting of your subject.

Easy Attachment, Fast Setup and Breakdown

When time is tight, every second counts, and the grid keeps up with the pace of a busy shoot with fast touch-fastener attachment.


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