Dirty Rigger - Gaffer Holder

Product type: Camera Accessories

Vendor: Dirty Rigger



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Dirty Rigger® Gaffer Holder

An extra hand by your side.

Acting as a tool leash, the Gaffer Holder quickly and securely offers an accessible strap for holding tools, clamps, bags and its original design intention – gaffer tape. The quick release buckle allows for single handed use, while the adjustable strap provides up to a 70cm circumference for larger items. The lightweight aluminium snap hook secures the holder to your belt, or any compatible Dirty Rigger® tool pouch or tool belt.


    •Multi-purpose strap
    •Quick release buckle
    •Adjustable strap provides up to a 70cm circumference
    •Lightweight aluminium snap hook

    (Gaffer roll not included.)


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