Box of 10 Procell by Duracell AA Batteries 1.5V

Product type: Battery

Vendor: Duracell



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Box of 10 Procell by Duracell AA Batteries 1.5V

Procelll AA Batteries are designed for professionals and wholesale trade customers. Available here in a bulk box of 10. These batteries are packed in bulk boxes, making them perfect for the trade. Procell batteries are ideal for a range of devices, from torches to tv and film equipment and even some medical equipment. Each inner box contains 10 batteries, and an outer box contains 10 boxes of 10.


    • Maximum Height: 50.5mm
    • Maximum Diameter: 14.5mm
    • Typical Weight: 24g
    • Typical Volume: 8.4cm³
    • Nominal Voltage: 1.5V
    • Operating Voltage: 1.6V - 0.75V
    • Impedance: 120 m-ohm @ 1 kHz
    • System: Alkaline Manganese Dioxide
    • Storage Temperature: 5°C to 30°C
    • Operating Temperature: -20°C to 54°C
    • Capacity: 2700mAh
    • Also known as: LR6, MN1500, PC1500, ID1500


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