Bright Tangerine 143mm Black Hole Donut (B1250.1076)

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Bright Tangerine's 143mm Black Hole Donut works with lenses with a front outer diameter between 62 and 143mm. It is compatible with Bright Tangerine Viv, Viv 5", Misfit, and Strummer DNA matte boxes as well as select ARRI matte boxes. The black elasto polymer stretches to fit on your lens, and features a conical shape that allows for two inches of lens travel.

The Black Hole Donut is fitted with a 138mm filter ring and threaded retaining ring. This allows you to mount your 138mm filters into the front of the donut, which is then attached to the front of your matte box.

The Black Hole Donut expands to fit lenses with diameters between 62 and 143mm. With two inches of travel, you can use this lens donut with lenses that change size as you change focus.


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