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Bright Tangerine - BLACKLIGHT 3-STAGE MatteBox Kit 

This Blacklight kit comes with a 162mm clamp-on back, two 6.6″ filter trays and the carbon fibre top flag. The Blacklight features a toolless reveal stage to switch from a 2 to 3 stage system.





          The Blacklight Kit 1 comprises of an ultra-light weight two stage 6 x 6″ clamp-on matte box, designed to be compact and easily manoeuvrable and it can be expanded to a rod mount or swing away configuration with optional accessories.

          The Blacklight matte box features a patented cassette system, which allows you to switch between 2 and 3 stage configuration with no extra parts or tools and all you need is a third tray.

          Blacklight Kit 1 comes with flag mounts and a top flag with variable blades that allow complete freedom in light control and they can be easily twisted and folded to allow you to manoeuvre in tight spaces and allow for efficient storage.

          The top flag is also compatible as a bottom flag to protect from lens flares when shooting in snow or sandy conditions.

          The Blacklight Kit 1 also comes with a 162mm clamp lens attachment and two 6 x 6 trays to make sure you are ready for instant action.

          Blacklight was designed to clamp directly on to large zoom lenses such as the Optimo 24-290, but also has features an incredibly wide field of view to work with ultra-wide angle lenses such as the Zeiss 8Rmm rectilinear, while still using 3 stages. It also works with RED Pro Zooms at 5K! With sensor sizes getting bigger, it’s built to serve you well in to the future.

          The Blacklight Kit 1 is built from high grade carbon fibre, precision cut and hard anodised aluminium, stainless steel and industrial grade plastic.


          Weight 0.904 kg
          Dimensions 26 × 30 × 100 cm
          Matte Box Compatability


          Filter Size

          4×5.65" PV, 6.6×6.6"


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