Bright Tangerine Left Field Universal 15mm LWS Baseplate Core Mk II (B4003.1012)

Product type: Camera Accessories

Vendor: Bright Tangerine



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The Left Field Universal 15mm LWS Baseplate Core Mk II from Bright Tangerine combines with different interchangeable Bright Tangerine riser blocks for compatibility with multiple different cameras. The optional riser blocks provide the correct optical height for each camera and can be swapped in as needed.

The Baseplate Core Mk II attaches to any ARRI-standard dovetail or the Bright Tangerine Left Field ARRI-Style Dovetail Plate. Using Bright Tangerine's Open UP quick release system, it allows you to quickly switch between shoulder rigs, tripods, gimbals, and other camera supports. It also features a sliding base that helps achieve optimal balance wherever you mount it.

The Baseplate Core provides front and rear 15mm LWS rod mounts for attaching accessories. Other Left Field components, such as side plates, can be attached to dedicated mounting threads to build up a full cage.

Key Features

  • Combines with interchangeable riser blocks for compatibility with different cameras
  • ARRI-standard dovetail compatible
  • Sliding base
  • Front and rear 15mm LWS rod mounts
  • Left Field side plates and other components supported
  • Multiple accessory mounts


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