Bright Tangerine - REVOLVR DUAL SIDED 19MM STUDIO KIT Follow Focus

The Revolvr Dual Sided 19mm Studio Kit comprises of the 15mm LWS core bridge which lets you set up your follow focus system on 15mm lightweight rods and the 19mm studio bridge which allows you to set up on 19mm studio rods as well.


    • 15mm LWS core bridge
    • 19mm Studio bridge
    • 2 ergonomically designed conical handwheel with anti-slip grip and built-in provision for torch holster
    • Revolvr Swing Arm Cine (1:1.842) which can be mounted on either side of the core bridge
    • Industry standard 0.8-35 tooth and 0.8 – 43 tooth gears which connect to the lens ring
    • 5 marking discs which are compatible with industry standard handwheels
    • Dedicated hardstop / softstop pack which are compatible with both our handwheels and move independently
    • 3” Handwheel extension to operate handwheels more comfortably
    • Industry standard 4D Speedcrank to pull focus precisely with fast movements
    • Industry standard 270mm highly flexible focus whip