Bright Tangerine - VIV 2-STAGE MatteBox Kit

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Bright Tangerine - VIV 2-STAGE MatteBox Kit

The VIV 2-stage Kit comes complete with two 4×5.65″ filter trays and the carbon fibre top flag. It has one fixed & one rotating stage. A third stage can be added with the VIV expansion pack.

  •  Includes: 4 x 5.65" 2-Stage Matte Box 150mm Clamp-on, Top Flag, Flag Mounts and two 4 x 5.65" Horizontal Trays
  • Hybrid matte box that can be switched to clamp on, rod mount or swing away configurations
  • Vertical adjustment of 12.5mm for perfect alignment
  • Built from high grade carbon fibre, precision cut and hard anodised aluminium, stainless steel and industrial grade plastic






        VIV Kit 2 comprises of a compact hybrid 4 x 5.65 three stage matte box, allowing you the freedom of clamping on, rod mount or swing away configurations.

        VIV Kit 2 comes with three 4 x 5.65 filter trays, and the desert ready filter stages in this matte box are rotatable and maintenance free and allows the use of round filters in industry standard donuts.

        VIV Kit 2 offers class leading field of view that is compatible with the widest lenses in the market and is still light enough to take to any location, and small enough to manoeuvre in any space.

        The vertical slide allows you to adjust the position of the matte box by up to 12.5mm so everything lines up perfectly.

        VIV Kit 2 has flag mounts and top flags with variable blades allow complete freedom in light control and can be easily twisted and folded for operating in tight spaces and easy storage.

        The top flag is also compatible as a bottom flag to protect from lens flares when shooting in snow or sandy conditions.

        The VIV Kit 2 is built from high grade carbon fibre, precision cut and hard anodised aluminium, stainless steel and industrial grade plastic.

        Kit Includes:

        VIV 2-stage Core

        Customise your own VIV 2-stage matte box starting with the core. Add flags, brackets & swing away arms to complete your matte box. An expansion pack can be added to convert to a 3-stage VIV.

        4x5.65 Filter Tray (VIV)

        This filter tray is made for the VIV and supports 4x5.65" sized filters.

        Carbon Fibre Top Flag (Misfit, VIV & VIV 5")

        Prevent light entering your lens causing flares. With extendable wings, it provides complete protection from stray light. The top flag can also be mounted as a bottom flag.



        Weight 0.697 kg
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