CARTONI JIBO KIT (20kg Payload Camera Jib)

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CARTONI JIBO KIT (20kg Payload Camera Jib)

  • Cartoni KJ102 (KJ-102) JibO Telescopic Jib Arm Kit. The portable 3 section Cartoni Jibo is designed to be one of the most versatile and cost effective lightweight Jibs, carrying up to 20 kg (44 lbs) and fits into a practical lightweight case on wheels.
    The Jibo‘s innovative unique feature of the 3 easy mounting sections provides fast and easy operational flexibility and can be assembled or disassembled in less than 3 minutes. Jibo adds the benefit of diagonal tracking and elevation to the traditional pan and tilt movement of a standard Fluid Head.
    This new lightweight Jib weighs only 15 Kg (33 lbs) and folds down to 1.20 meter (47") in length and allows shooting from absolute ground level to 2 meters (78") in height, with a maximum extension of 172cm (67”9).
    The rear part of the arm, which holds the counterweights, is extendible to provide for accurate camera balance; the typical counterweight kit is 25 kg of rubberized gym weights. The front telescopic arm...
    • 1x Cartoni JIBO Jib Arm
    • 1x Case


    Capacity 20.00 kg
    44.1 lbs
    Weight 15.0 kg
    33.1 lbs
    Material Aluminium
    Base 100 mm
    Minimum extension 122.00 cm
    48.0 "
    Maximum extension 172.00 cm
    67.7 "
    Head Mounting 75 mm
    Typical Counterweight 20.00 kg
    44.1 lbs


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