Cavision Next-Gen Painted Clapper Slate V2 (B&W)

Product type: Clapperboard

Vendor: Cavision



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Sync picture and sound with this Next-Gen Painted Clapper Slate V2 from Cavision The black-and-white slate features a redesigned, painted slate surface made from ABS and acrylic for dry-erase marking. The clapper features a latch system that keeps the hinge closed without a magnet. There is also a resonance chamber within the clapper that provides a louder, crisper clap. On the back, a slot allows you to grasp the slate safely for carrying.

  • Three-dimensional ABS structure and reinforced slate for durability
  • Text printed inside acrylic for a suitable appearance
  • Single-bolt hinge design for smooth movement of the clapper sticks
  • Latch system to keep clapper sticks in closed position
  • Resonance chamber amplifies the clapper sound and makes it crisper
  • Slot on the back of the slate provides a convenient way to hold the slate during operation


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