DZOFilm Marlin 1.6x Expander for PL Lens to PL, LPL, L, RF or E-Mount Cameras *please select mount type (Pre Order)

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Expand the angle of view of your S35 lens when using it on a full-frame or VistsaVision camera with this Marlin 1.6x Expander for PL Lens to PL, LPL, L, RF or E-Mount Cameras from DZOFilm. This durable aluminum expander is designed for your S35 PL-mount lens for use on a PL, LPL, L, RF or E-Mount camera without sacrificing the S35 angle of view. The expander magnifies the image by 1.6x.

The Marlin is compatible with most S35 lenses and features an easy, quick flange back adjustment ring that allows you to adjust the image further without removing the lens. Front and rear caps and a detachable steel support base are included.


S35 PL-mount lenses
Full-frame/VV cameras with a PL, LPL, L, RF or E-Mount Camera

Magnifies the Image Circle by 1.6x

The extender converts Super35 Pictor Zoom lenses to cover full frame or VistaVision sensors. It multiplies the focal length by 1.6x with only 1.5 stops of light loss.

Retains Optical Performance and Operability

The Marlin maintains superb image quality without decreasing resolution, and it enables the use of S35 lenses to be compatible with FF and VistaVision cameras to facilitate the use of different lenses for more possibilities.

Quick Flange Back Adjustment

Minor flange back adjustment is achieved through a back adjustment ring; no need to use shims (excluding PL-PL and PL-LPL versions). To achieve the best image performance, the FBD can be quickly adjusted without removing the lens and camera.

Solid and Sturdy

The expander includes a detachable supporting base and stainless steel mount.

Broad Compatibility

The Marlin is compatible with a wide variety of lenses on the market. The distance from the flange plane of the lens to the rear should be less than PL (19.64mm). The Marlin Adapter Clearance Check tool can be downloaded from the manufacturer's website to check the suitability.


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