FILMCART SMARTONE XL for sale at The Film Equipment Store

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FILMCART SMARTONE XL for sale at The Film Equipment Store

The SMARTONE XL is built on frame, this makes it the most durable cart in our offer, also it is the largest. Double deck cart can be used to transport equipment or as a workstation. We applied durable materials to face the harsh on set conditions, tires are made from 4-layer gum placed on strong steel rims equipped with 2 manual foot brakes with force regulation for secure and save routing on most of surfaces. Aluminum structure is lightweight and sustained enough to hold up to 250 kilograms, no tools are required to attach of remove each wheel or any part of the cart what saves your time. SMARTONE XL is super easy to collapse and ready to use in less than 2 minutes with additional dedicated accessories for installing heavy monitors, steadicam or headfixing. We developed a list of details which can improve the quality of usage like small transport wheels, props and deflects. Compact size allows the folding cart to transport easily all parts in one case. New handle with built-in 35mm pipe clamp, makes construction stronger and allows to install ball mount directly on the pipe. The upper and lower handle are prepared to install Manfrotto – 035FTC – Super Clamp. 220mm and 260mm diameter wheels fits inside the collpased cart.

220mm diameter Pneumatic wheels with two brakes.

Filmcart smartone XL (bottom platform, upper platofrm)
2x wheels swivel with brakes (220mm diameter)
2x wheels normal without brakes (220mm diameter)
35mm dimeter pipe (1m long)

Folding cart (H×W×L): 170 × 665 × 1186 mm
Striped cart (H×W×L): 1020 × 665 × 1186 mm
Between lower platform and the upper platform is 655mm
Between the lower platform side wall and the upper platform is 588mm
Platform inside dimensions 640 mm x 1120 mm
Wall thick 3mm
1.40 m2 work space total on both platforms


45,60 kg (without box)
51,60 kg (with box)


Max 250 kg

 Package Dimensions:

(H×W×L): 190 × 730 × 1290 mm


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