Hawk-Woods Dual Channel Mini V-Lok 3A Fast Charger

Product type: Battery

Vendor: Hawk Wood



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Hawk-Woods Dual Channel Mini V-Lok 3A Fast Charger



Hawk-Woods VL-MX2 (VLMX2) Mini V-Lok 3A Dual Channel Charger - Simultaneous. We have now released our first dual channel charger to complement the mini VL battery system.   

VL-MX2 offers a well vented case, this route is to ensure no fans are need to be installed in order to keep noise to an optimum low. The casing also provides a recessed LED display for battery indication on the MX2 charger.   

80% Charge - Flashing Green/Orange 
Fully Charged - Green 

Worldwide mains input voltage 100-240V DC  
Offers - 3A charging 

This is a simultaneous charger so you can expect to have both batteries ready faster.
Battery / Mount Compatibility: V-Mount
Charging Ports: 2
  • 1x Mini V-Lok 3A Dual Channel Charger


      Size (HxWxD-Cm) 18 x 10 x 5.8 cm
      Weight 597g
      Charging Channels 2
      Charging Current 3A @ 16.8V


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