Hawk-Woods VL-90H 90Wh High Performance Battery

Product type: Battery

Vendor: Hawk Wood



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Hawk-Woods VL-90H (VL90H) 90Wh 14.4v High Performance Lithium-Ion Battery


Hawk-Woods VL-90H (VL90H) 90Wh 14.4v High Performance Lithium-Ion Battery. Hawk-Woods new high performance range, starting with the VL-90H, This fantastic new battery range offers so much more!  
VL-90H has new cell technology, The new cells offer very low resistance which allows the user to draw high current up to 15A from a single cell. Extra high performance contacts have been added which benefits the high performance range, taking the load off existing contacts, this allowing you pull more current comfortably.  
High performance can be used in conjunction with high drain film cameras such as Phantoms Flex 4k when loaded you are able to pull 200wh from a single battery!  
LED lighting set-ups can also benefit from V-LOK high performance, for being a lightweight setup which is capable of dealing with the demand of todays lighting industry. 
Built in fuel gauge, thermal protection, short circuit protection, discharge and voltage protection


  • Flight Safe
  • High Performance Contacts
  • Discharge / Voltage Protection
  • Short Circuit / Thermal Protection


    Size (HxWxD-Cm) 15.4 x 8.4 x 5.3
    Weight 770g
    Cells Lithium-Ion
    Compatible with High Performance contacts
    Protection Discharge


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