Inovativ RoboCup Dual Cup Holder - Various Colours

Product type: Consumables

Vendor: RoboCup



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Key Features
  • Clamp-On Drink Holder for Inovativ Carts
  • Clamps On to Any 2" Diameter Surface
  • Dual Rubberized Clamp Jaws
  • Made of Polyresin with UV-Inhibitors

The Inovativ RoboCup Dual Cup Holder is a clamp-on drink holder designed for Inovativ carts, but can also be clamped on to any flat or round surface up to 2" in diameter. The RoboCup's clamping action uses dual rubberized jaws and can further be secured with optional 4" plastic cable ties. The bottom caps are removable to have a deeper space for items such as flashlights and to allow access for cleaning the RoboCup. Two hook-and-loop straps are included for multiple uses, including tightening the cup area to secure drinks of different sizes. The RoboCup is made of polyresin with UV inhibitors added for extra durability. The springs and hardware are stainless steel for rust prevention.


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