Kopul CBT-MF Multi-Function Cable Tester with Dual Chassis

Product type: Cable Tester

Vendor: Kopul



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The Kopul CBT-MF is a professional-quality cable tester with a split-chassis design that allows users to test the continuity of a wide variety of cables with a single device. It quickly identifies connectivity and ground problems in some of the most frequently-used cables, and makes troubleshooting audio and studio setups fast and effortless.

The split chassis allows users to separate the two halves of the CBT-MF. This feature provides an easy way to test the continuity of long cables that have been run through walls or ceilings as well as cables that have been put into audio or home theater installations. LED indicators and tones verify that each pin on the cable is properly connected. For additional functionality, the CBT-FM generates a test tone, great for troubleshooting a variety of connections.

The CBT-MF can test cables with any combination of Speakon 4-pin, XLR 3-pin, XLR 5-pin, TRS, DIN 3-pin/5-pin, RCA, RJ45, RJ11, BNC, or TRS 3.5mm connectors. Two removable leads are included for testing any kind of wire or cable with jacks that are not included on this model. They also allow for testing connections when building or repairing cables or when wiring studios or audio installations.

The CBT-MF is ideal for home, project, and professional studio use. Constructed with lightweight and durable plastic, the CBT-MF is a road-ready tool for studio techs and install engineers.

Tests Cable Continuity

Provides easy and simple continuity testing for cables with any combination of Speakon 4-pin, XLR 3-pin, XLR 5-pin, RCA, DIN 3-pin, DIN 5-pin, TRS, RJ45, RJ11, BNC, and TRS (3.5 mm) plugs

Detachable Chassis

Detachable dual chassis simplifies the testing of long cable runs and cables previously wired into audio or home theater installations

Tone Generator

Built-in tone generator with 0 dB, -10 dB, and -50 dB amplitude selector

Checks Each Pin Separately

Automatically tests each pin in the cable. Flashing LEDs and repeating tone indicate continuity for each pin

Status LEDs

The first three LEDs light up in sequence indicating that batteries are installed in both battery compartments

Removable Leads

Two removable leads included to verify continuity of additional connectors

Durable Build Quality

Lightweight and rugged construction for extended use in studio and other installation projects

Battery Powered

Operates on two 9-volt batteries (not included)


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