Litepanels Sola 6+ LED Fresnel Light

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Litepanels Sola 4+ LED Fresnel Light

The Litepanels Sola 6+ LED Fresnel Light builds on the solid foundation of the Sola 6 but this time with much more power. Features include thermal management through advanced hardware and software and an enhanced 5600K LED source based on the phosphor mix research that brought us the Sola 12. These changes directly affect color fidelity, garner high CRI ratings and extend the life of the fixture.

At 16 to 67°, the 6" Fresnel has an impressively wide range of spot-to-flood adjustment and high output, while drawing only 104W of power. It's also barely warm to the touch, eliminating of potential heat damage and talent discomfort. Low power consumption also means reduced HVAC costs in the studio that helps provide a rapid return of investment.

Control is at the heart of the Sola 6+ design. Dimming from 100-0% can be done locally or remotely from an optional console with DMX. The Sola 6+ runs on 120-240 VAC mains power for worldwide use but can also run on optional 14-28 VDC battery sources. The lack of an external ballast trims down the fixture's form factor and allows it to weigh in at just 3.6 lb. Eight-way barndoors are included for even greater control of the Sola 6+'s beam spread. If previous generations caught your eye, now is the time to check out the Sola 6+.

Litepanels 8-Way Barndoor Set for Sola and Inca 6 Fresnels

The Litepanels 8-Way Barndoor Set fits into the filter slot of Sola and Inca 6 Fresnels and rotates 360°. The lightweight, matte black metal leaves fold inward or outward to control or block off areas of the light beam.

Compatible with Sola 6 and Inca 6 Fresnels

Litepanels Yoke Kit for Sola 6 and Inca 6

This Litepanels Yoke Kit for Sola 6 and Inca 6 is a replacement fot the yoke that ships with the Sola 6 and Inca 6. The kit does not include knobs, which are available for separate purchase.

Litepanels AC Power Supply for Sola 6, Inca 6, and Astra 1x1 Series LED Lights

This Litepanels AC Power Supply for Sola 6, Inca 6, and Astra 1x1 Series LED Lights is a 100-240 VAC spare or replacement for the power supply that ships with the lights. The power supply requires separate purchase of a power cord. (BH# LILP1ACAC)


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