Manfrotto Collapsible Reflector (Silver/White, 30")

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Ideal for portraiture, the reversible 30" Silver/White Collapsible Reflector from Manfrotto is handy for use as a reflected bounce light to lower contrast and fill in shadows or as a main light source in strong ambient illumination. The silver side is highly reflective, able to throw light over an appreciable distance, and produces a contrasty quality of light with a cool color balance, while the neutral white reverse side offers a softer quality of light that's suitable for all-around use.

The 30" reflector is light enough to be handheld or attached to an optional holder and folds down to 1/3 its open size to stow conveniently in the provided carry bag.

Reversible A different surface on each side gives you more creative options Collapses to 1/3 of Open Size Reflector folds down to a convenient size for portability and storage Double Coated Reflective Surfaces Ensures reflective surfaces won't crack or split after numerous uses


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