MYT Works Large Glide, 4ft. rail length, Mitchell & 100mm Bowl (p/n 2030)

Product type: sliders

Vendor: MYT



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  • MYT Works Large Glide, 4ft. rail length, Mitchell & 100mm Bowl (p/n 2030). The 4 ft. Large Glide is a professional-grade camera slider dolly for payloads up to 150 pounds. It was designed specifically for smooth, easily controllable motion with beautiful starts and stops. Incredibly versatile and a breeze to carry and setup, the Large Glide is able to adapt to whatever creative setup you may need. It is suitable for the biggest cameras and heaviest packages. Mitchell Tray and 100mm Bowl included.
    • One 4ft. Glide Large
    • One M/L Hi-Hat Assembly 100mm Bowl
    • One 1/4"-20 Bullseye Level
    • One M/L Hi-Hat Tray Mitchell Mount


MYT Works Glide Camera Sliders are designed for smooth motion and precise starts and stops. They support up to the largest cameras in various modular setups, and offer the durability to withstand extended wear and tear and extreme weather. You can safely use them in harsh environments, like dusty deserts, humid rainforests, and dry tundras. They're made in New York City and machined from industrial-grade steel and aluminum.

This Medium Glide Camera Slider is 6' long and features a 100mm bowl. It has 10mm double extrusion rails with a 7" span between them and supports up to 80 lb loads.

The Medium Glide Camera Slider has golden-hued static and center static plates, two wooden end plates, stud cups for mounting 5/8" stands, locking aluminum wing nuts, a bullseye level, and a hi-hat carriage with four bearings. The mounted hi-hat can be quick-released from the slider with a patented one-latch release system, and used independently.

The slider can be used mounted on tripods and other grip alternatives (see Specifications). For accessories, various industry-standard threaded holes are scattered throughout the plates, handle bracket, and carriage to allow for numerous mounting options.



Camera Head Compatibility
(75mm, 100mm, 150mm, Mitchell)
Glide Load Capacity 150 lbs 68 kg
Glide Carriage Travel 34" 864 mm
Glide Rail Diameter 0.6" 16 mm
Rail Span 9" 229 mm
Glide Rail Profile Dual
Glide Mounting Options*
  • Tripod (75mm, 100mm, 150mm, Mitchell)
  • 5/8" Pin (Light Stand, C-Stand, Pigeon Stud)
  • Junior Stand (2K)
  • Rosette Legs (19mm, Speedrail)
  • Baby Feet
Motor Option? Yes
Glide Weight 18 lbs 8.3 kg
Glide Dimensions 48.5" x 11.5" x 4.3" 1232 mm x 292 mm x 109 mm
Hi-Hat Compatibility/Size Medium/Large(5.25")
Hi-Hat Weight 2 lbs 1.1 kg
Hi-Hat Dimensions 9.5" x 6.3" x 4.5" 241 mm x 160 mm x 114 mm
Thread Size(s) Various 1/4"-20, 3/8"-16, and 1/2"-13 threads available.
* May require optional accessories


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