SWIT PB-H290S Bi-Voltage Battery

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About The Swit PB-H290S Bi-Voltage Battery

The ARRI Alexa LF / 65 require on-board battery input voltage 19.5-34V only, and the normal 14.4V (11-16.8V) batteries are no longer compatible.
The existing 26-28.8V high voltage batteries can power Alexa LF/65, but the high voltage with the same physical connectors will surely damage other normal cameras. 
A better solution is to use normal 14.4V battery with a DC boost plate, but the current between battery and V-plate will get quite high with 160W load and 14.4V voltage, and will melt the battery pins.

Now you will have a great solution for Alexa LF/65: the SWIT Intelligent Bi-voltage Battery, can output both 11-16.8V normal voltage and 22-33.6V high voltage, with auto recognition and switching by the dedicated V-mount plate, compatible with Alexa LF/65 and all other normal cameras and devices, with no risk of misusing.

The Bi-voltage battery PB-H290S output normal 11-16.8V voltage as default, you can attach to any normal V-mount
cameras or other devices, and any normal voltage chargers.

Use the ARRI ALEXA dedicated V-mount plate KA-A20S, PB-H290S battery can recognise and auto switch on 22-33.6V, to power Alexa LF/65/SXT/AMIRA.

Beside ALEXA cameras, many Cine Lights are also designed high voltage input, to reduce current effectively, and protect power pins and ensure the reliability. You can easily put on a “Magic Sticker” on the particular position of all standard V-mount plates, then PB-H290S battery can recognize and auto switch on 22-33.6V output mode.

PB-H290S consists of 24pcs high class 18650 battery cells, and reaches 290Wh high capacity. PB-H290S supports Max 200W constant power output, can drive ALEXA LF (160W) more on-camera monitors or wireless simultaneously. The high load battery will have longer life time than normal battery if always under full load power.

PB-H290S supports 6A fast charging by SWIT S-3812S fast charger, to save more than 50% charging time, can be charged from 0 to 80% after 2 and half hours, and fully charged within 4 hours 15 minutes. 

A D-tap DC output socket is equipped on the top side of the battery pack, to power the other on-camera equipment together. Under 14.4V (11-16.8V) output mode, D-tap output 11-16.8V and Max load 120W/10A; Under 28.8V (22-33.6V) output mode, D-tap output constant 16V and Max load 50W/3A.

When battery is discharging:
Press “Power Check” button, Upper 4 LEDs display remaining working hours, and Lower 4 LEDs display remaining working minutes, under current output power. The LED will flash when remaining time is less than 15 minutes to remind changing battery.
When battery is charging:
Upper 4 LEDs flashing constantly, indicates the real-time capacity percentage 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%.
When battery is free:
Press “Power Check” button, Upper 4 LEDs light up, to indicate the remaining capacity percentage 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%.

PB-H290S has innovative dual housing structure: the inner cell cage and outer anti-shock housing with rubber covers. The new structure makes the battery quite strong, anti-shock. The battery can survive from 1.5 meters any angles drop-off.



  • 14.4V/28.8V Bi-voltage auto switch
  • For ALEXA LF/65 high voltage cameras
  • For all normal voltage cameras
  • For high voltage cine lights
  • Compatible with normal voltage chargers
  • 290Wh capacity, Max 200W high load
  • 6A fast charging support
  • 8-LED remaining time indicators
  • D-tap power output socket
  • Normal V-mount connection
  • Strong 1.5m drop-off proof
  • Multiple circuit protections


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