Schneider FF Prime Cine-Tilt 25mm T2.1 (Feet)

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Vendor: Schneider



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The Schneider Xenon FF Prime Cine-Tilt 25mm T2.1 Sony E-Mount Lens marked in feet is designed to intercut with the Schneider FF Primes. However, it incorporates ±4° of tilt adjustment enabling you to change the focus plane of the lens. FF stands for full-frame, and every lens in the set covers a full-frame image sensor without vignetting and is designed for 4K image capture. This lens is color matched to a standard at the factory, minimizing color shift when changing lenses. It features a 14-blade iris which provides a natural-looking Bokeh with circular, out-of-focus highlights and 300° of lens barrel rotation. The 25mm shares the same focus and iris gear position, as well as the same 100mm front barrel diameter with the other lenses in the Xenon FF line of lenses.

The lens features a barrel with a large circumference, providing wide spacing for focus marks. Opposing focus scales provide properly oriented focus marks on both sides, so an assistant can pull focus from either side of the lens. The lens features gears for focus, iris, and tilt, which allow you to adjust each using industry standard lens accessories. The 25mm features a removable lens support bracket, so you can use an available lens support if you wish.

4K/Full Frame
The lenses are designed to cover a full-sized image sensor and provide 4K resolution for image capture.
Focus Tilt
Designed to allow ±4° of tilt, which allows you to shift the focus plane of the lens. This enables keeping subjects in focus that are not the same distance from the camera's image plane without having to close down the iris and increase depth of field. When the tilt is set to 0°, the lens functions the same as a standard FF Prime Cine lens.
Color Matched
The lenses are color matched to a standard ensuring consistent color across lenses. This allows you to purchase additional Xenon FF lenses, as you need, without having to search through multiple lenses trying to assemble a matched set.
The lenses share the same physical characteristics across the set, this includes the length, diameter, and focus and iris gear position. This speeds up lens changes in the field, minimizing adjustments to matte boxes and lens accessories.
Focus Barrel Rotation
300° of lens barrel rotation provides for accurate focus adjustments throughout the range.
Tilt Barrel Rotation
120° of rotation provides for precise tilt adjustment of the lens throughout the range of -4 to +4°



  • Covers Full Frame Sensors
  • ±4° of Tilt
  • Supports 4K Recording Quality
  • Color Matched to Factory Standard
  • Shares Characteristics Across FF Primes
  • 14-Blade Iris
  • 300° Focus Barrel Rotation
  • Minimized Focus Breathing
  • Standard Gears for Focus, Iris, and Tilt
  • Removable Lens Support Bracket


Focal Length 25mm
Lens Mount Sony E
Format Full Frame
Maximum T-Stop T2.1
Minimum T-Stop T22
Horizontal Angle of View Super35: 52°
Full Frame: 71°
Minimum Focus Distance from Image Plane 12.2" / 0.31 m
Front Diameter 100 mm
Filter Thread M95
Focus Scales Imperial
Focus Rotation 300°



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