Sensei Body and Rear Lens Cap Kit for Sony E-Mount

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Vendor: Sensei



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Sensei Body Cap for Sony E-Mount Cameras

The Body Cap for Sony E-Mount Cameras from Sensei is a spare or replacement body cap for Sony E-mount camera bodies. This black plastic cap twists onto the lens mount of the camera body to protect the camera's sensor and interior from dust and damage when a lens is not in place. Finger-grip edges on the body cap aid in placement and removal. Having an extra body cap is a good idea in case the original gets lost on vacation or assignment.

Sensei Rear Lens Cap for Sony E-Mount Lenses

The Rear Lens Cap for Sony E-Mount Lenses from Sensei is a plastic lens cap fitted for the rear of Sony E-Mount lenses. The rear lens cap is placed on the rear mount of a lens when it is not in use on a camera. The cap protects the rear element and lens mount from scratches, dust, water and fingerprints.


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