Tokina 50mm T1.5 Cinema Vista Prime Lens

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Vendor: Tokina



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You are welcome to try out the Tokina Vista range of lenses at our showroom in Dublin. 
The brand new Tokina Cinema Vista series of prime lenses feature high quality optical and mechanical design that focuses on the user experience and image control. The Cinema Vista primes exhibit an image circle that exceeds that of 35mm Full Frame making them an excellent choice for large format cameras.

The Cinema Vista series also benefit from a design that produces nearly zero focus breathing - a feature traditionally reserved for exotic lenses with a much higher price tag.



  • Fast T1.5 T stop, good for low light filming

  • Nearly no breathing during focus pulls

  • Very pleasing image character across the Iris range and 
    usable wide open

  • T1.5 through to T22 Iris range

  • Use of aspherical elements and modern coatings, nicely corrected image, exceptionally low chromatic abberations

  • Newly designed large format cinema glass

  • Image circle of 46.7mm covers FF35, VistaVision and 
    Red Dragon 8K VV



  • Clearly marked focus and iris scales on both sides of the lenses

  • Consistent 114mm front outer diameter, good for efficient matte box use

  • Lenses also feature a 112mm screw-in filter size (Excluding Vista 18mm)

  • Consistent length of lenses, good for quick lens changes

  • Consistent length of lens during focus pull, swing away matte box stays put

  • 9 bladed Iris for rounded bokeh aesthetic

  • No image shift during focus pull

  • Robust construction materials, good for long term use and ownership

  • Shimmable mount



Mount PL, Canon EF, MFT, Sony E
Focal Distance 50mm
Image Circle PL . EF : φ46.7mm 
MFT : φ40.8mm
Sony E : φ45.6mm
Optical Structure 10 groups /13 elements
Sensor Size Full Frame 35mm
Minimum Focus Distance 0.48m(19”)
Maximum Macro Magnification 1:7.01
Focus Mode Internal Focus System
Aperture/Iris Blades 9 Blades
Depth of Field T1.5 to T22
Filter Size 112mm
Overall Length
PL Mount
145mm (131mm from mount surface)
Canon EF Mount
145mm (139mm from mount surface)
MFT Mount
168mm (164mm from mount surface)
Sony E Mount
171mm (165mm from mount surface)
Diameter of Front Head φ114mm
Maximum Diameter φ114mm (Excluding Tripod Collar)
PL Mount
2.11kg / 4.65lbs
Canon EF Mount
2.19kg / 4.82lbs
MFT Mount
2.24kg / 4.93lbs
Sony E Mount
2.28kg / 5.02lbs


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