Triplett LD70 Laser Distance Meter

Product type: Distance Meter

Vendor: Triplett



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The Triplett LD70 Laser Distance Meter allows a single user to measure distances from 2" to 230'. It's designed to function with high accuracy and repeatability. The last 20 settings can be saved to internal memory. In a compact design, the LD70 is suitable for new construction, home inspection, floor and carpet installation, electrical, cable, alarm, and telecom wiring, painting, landscaping and fence installation, HVAC and heating, and other applications.

The handheld device offers addition, subtraction, area, and volume measurement, as well as indirect measurement using the Pythagorean theorem. There's also a stakeout function for stud and fence layouts. Other features include selectable front/back reference edge and continuous real-time onscreen angle display. The LD70 is powered by two AAA batteries and has an auto power-off function to maximize battery life. Batteries come included as is a 4 x 2" reflective plate for better response and accuracy at longer distances.

Key Features

  • Measures from 2 inches to 230 feet
  • Addition, subtraction, area, and volume measurement
  • Indirect measurement using the Pythagorean theorem
  • Stakeout function for stud or fence layouts
  • Continuous real-time onscreen angle display
  • Stores last 20 readings to internal memory
  • Selectable front/back reference edge
  • Includes a 4 x 2" reflective plate for better response and accuracy at longer distances


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