Vaxis 7" Storm 072 Monitor/Receiver with V-Mount Battery Plate

Product type: Wireless Video

Vendor: Vaxis



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Ditch the cables and go wireless with the Vaxis 7" Storm 072 Monitor/Receiver from Vaxis. Compatible with Vaxis Storm transmitters, this monitor/receiver supports up to 1080p60 video and has a wireless range of up to 984'. Suitable for both monitoring and focus pulling, the Storm 072 features a 1500 cd/m² display that is bright enough for outdoor use.

A headphone jack enables you to monitor the audio embedded in the video stream. Power the Storm 072 using a long-lasting V-mount battery or via the included D-Tap cable and a compatible power source.

Built-In Wireless Receiver

Compatible with Vaxis Storm wireless transmitters

V-Mount Battery Plate

The V-mount battery plate enables you to power the monitor/receiver with longer-lasting V-mount batteries

Supports 1080p60 Video

Wirelessly receives up to 1080p60 video

Wireless Range

Up to 984' wireless reception range

Bright 7" LCD

Daylight-viewable, 1500 cd/m² brightness 7" LCD display

Wireless Frequency

5150 to 5850 MHz wireless range

Minimal Delay

<1 ms delay

Antenna Enclosure

A screw-on enclosure serves to protect the monitor/receiver's six antennas

Image Display Tools

  • Red focus peaking
  • Hue, saturation, and contrast settings
  • High, middle, and low brightness settings
  • High and low sharpness settings
  • Wireless channel frequency and strength display
  • Selectable noise reduction
  • Button and slider controls


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