Bluestar RED CAM Special Eyecushion (Red, Ultrasuede)

Product type: Consumables

Vendor: Bluestar Products



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Bluestar Products designed their new RED CAM Special Eyecushion specifically for all Red Camera eyecups. The new RED CAM Special Eyecushion #3011 goes on easily and stays on. The design is quirky, but it works. 

Fits RedMONSTRO 8K V; HELIUM 8K S35; DRAGON 6K S35; RED EPIC-W 8K S35; SCARLET-W; RED RAVEN; RED Bomb EVF; RED EVF, Red weapon, Red dragon, Red epic, Red Bomb EVF, all Red Digital Cinema Viewfinder eyecups. 

Also fits: Canon VIXIA HFG40 HD Camcorder, XA30 Professional Camcorder, Canon XA35 Professional Camcorder, (Canon c100, Canon c200, Canon 300, Canon C500 without the large rubber eyecup), all Panavision eyecups and similar eyecups


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