VisibleDust EZ Sensor Cleaning Kit Mini with 1.0x Green Vswabs and Smear Away

Product type: Consumables

Vendor: Visible Dust



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Designed for use on 24mm digital camera sensors, this EZ Sensor Cleaning Kit Mini from VisibleDust contains a 1.0-mL dropper of Smear Away formula and two green 1.0x MXD-100 Vswabs. The alcohol-free, non-flammable Smear Away is specially designed to remove stubborn oil-based stains and residues. For the best results, use the optional VisibleDust Sensor Clean solution afterwards to remove any remaining water-based stains or dust.

The MXD-100 Vswabs have the perfect shape for their job, making easy work of covering the whole sensor from edge to edge and corner to corner. They feature a unique fabric design that retains liquid well and prevents scratches while cleaning your sensor. Additionally, a patented, contoured mini-channel allows for even saturation and prevents the streaks that are common with flat surface paddles.


24mm digital camera sensors


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