Vocas MB-256 matte box kit for any camera with 15 mm LW support

Product type: Matte Box

Vendor: Vocas



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MB-256 Kit: Vocas 0256-2010 MB-256 matte box kit for any camera with 15 mm LW support. Consisting of: MB-256 matte box (0200-0256), flexible cuff ring (0250-0190) and height adjustable barsadapter (0360-0100)




    The Vocas MB-256 has been specifically designed for use with lenses that have a front side diameter of up to 114 mm.

    The matte box features a Quick-Lock mounting system that attaches directly to the front lens barrel. This matte box can also be attached to the camera with a 15 mm lightweight support or on top 15 mm rails. The MB-256 matte box is also compatible with the Vocas swing away bracket (0460-0600)

    This matte box accommodates 3×3″ through 4×6″ filters and works with most wide angle lenses in both 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios. The Vocas MB-256 has one rotatable and one fixed 4″ wide filter tray and it also features a patented “heavy duty” French flag clamper.

    Internal eyebrows are standard on the MB-256. They can be operated from the outside of the matte box. These patented internal French flags allow the user to adjust the matte (or mask) to the zoom position of the lens.

    Although the MB-256 can be used as a clip-on matte box, we recommend the use of a barsadapter or swing away bracket and a MBS-100 matte box support.




    Manufacturer Vocas Systems
    Filter sizes 4" x 4"
    Max. filters 2
    Max. rotatable filters 1
    Build-in eyebrows Yes
    Clip-on Yes
    Swing away option Yes
    Top mount option Yes
    Side flags option Yes
    Package included 0310-0001 4'' x 4'' filter frame (2x), 0330-0001 french flag
    Material Aluminum, Carbon fiber, Cotton
    Weight (gr.) 653
    EAN 8720041002659
    Manufacturer Item code 0256-2010


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