Westcott 4x4' Scrim Jim Cine Kit

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Westcott 4x4' Scrim Jim Cine Kit - 1891-N

Key Features
  • Bounce or Diffuse Any Light Source
  • 4x4' 3/4-Stop Diffuser
  • 4x4' Silver/White Bounce Fabric
  • 4x4' Modular Anodized Aluminum Frame


    Have everything you need to bounce or diffuse any kind of light with the 4x4' Scrim Jim Cine Kit from Westcott. This easy-to-use kit is designed to prepare you for the unexpected when on set. Featuring a 4x4' Scrim Jim Cine modular anodized aluminum frame, positive-locking connectors provide extra support on a windy afternoon or a long day of shooting. Featuring four 46" frame tubes, this frame breaks down quickly and easily. A 4x4' 3/4-stop diffuser softens available or studio lighting without changing any color temperatures, while the double-laminated 4x4' reversible silver/white bounce fabric reflects light to add highlights to and illuminate your subject. This portable system breaks down easily, proving to be ideal for photographers and filmmakers who travel often.

    Westcott Scrim Jim Cine Frame Tube (46")

    The integral component within a modular system, this 46" long Scrim Jim Cine Frame Tube from Westcott is used to construct customized panels in sizes ranging from 1 x 1' to 8 x 8'. When paired with optional fabrics, such as silks or diffusers, frame tubes form the rigid support from which fabrics are attached to create flags, diffusion panels, book lights, v-flats, or numerous other light controlling tools.

    This tube is constructed from anodized aluminum alloy and heavy-duty hook-and-loop tape is riveted to two sides of the tube for attaching fabrics. A 3/8"-16 threaded mount is incorporated into the tube for mounting atop stands and additional dedicated self-locking connectors are used to combine several pieces of tube to create flat 2D frames or dynamic 3D light shaping tools.

    Tube measures 46" long and can be added to additional tubes through the use of dedicated, self-locking connectors. Anodized aluminum-alloy construction and self-locking connectors both help to maintain rigid, reliable frame configurations in various sizes up to 8 x 8'. Hook-and-loop tape is riveted onto two sides of the tube and is used for attaching a variety of fabric types to the frame system. A 3/8"-16 mount is incorporated into the tube's design for mounting to stands or other accessories. UPC: 817967013352

    Westcott Scrim Jim Cine 2D Corner Frame Connector

    Integral to the versatile and modular system design, this Scrim Jim Cine 2D Corner Frame Connector from Westcott is used to connect any two Scrim Jim Cine frame tubes at a corner for making a 2D panel, reflector, flag, or other flat light modifier. A built-in positive locking button ensures a secure connection with the frame tube and its durable construction helps to maintain rigidity throughout long shoots and day-to-day use.

    UPC: 817967011914

    Westcott Scrim Jim Cine 3/4-Stop Diffuser Fabric (4 x 4')

    Allowing you to soften ambient and artificial light sources, this Scrim Jim Cine 3/4-Stop Diffuser Fabric from Westcott is compatible with 4 x 4' Scrim Jim Cine frames and features a heavy-duty touch fastener lining for quick setup and convenient portability. Constructed from nylon and silk fabrics, this diffusion does not affect the color temperature of light sources and helps to maintain natural-looking skin tones. As part of a modular system, this fabric is an ideal light control tool for a variety of both studio and on-location applications.

    This plain diffuser cloth is suitable for both artificial and ambient light sources and is ideal for overhead use, to soften harsh sunlight, or to place in front of a main light source for broad diffusion. Provides a 3/4 stop reduction in light output. Touch fastener lining permits quick installation and removal from 4 x 4' Scrim Jim Cine frames. UPC: 817967012058

    Westcott Scrim Jim Cine Silver/White Bounce Fabric (4 x 4')

    A versatile two-sided reflective fabric, the Scrim Jim Cine Silver/White Bounce Fabric from Westcott is compatible with 4 x 4' Scrim Jim Cine frames and features a heavy-duty touch fastener lining for quick setup and convenient portability. This reversible fabric has both bright, cool silver and neutral white reflective sides, allowing you to quickly switch between applications. The silver bounce side adds bright, specular highlights and an overall cooling quality while the white side produces soft, natural looking highlights.

    Reversible fabric features a reflective silver side and a neutral white side. Silver side produces cool, bright highlights with a distinct specular quality. White side offers natural color rendition with bright, clean highlights. Touch fastener lining permits quick installation and removal from 4 x 4' Scrim Jim Cine frames. UPC: 817967012515

    Westcott Scrim Jim Carry Case

    Easily carry and store your Cine frame system in the Scrim Jim Carry Case from Westcott. Designed to hold the Scrim Jim frame tubes, connectors, fabrics, and mounts, this carry case is just under four feet in length ensuring 46" Scrim Jim tubes can fit comfortably. Padded handles and heavy-duty zippers ensure your gear will be well protected as it travels from one location to the next.


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