Westcott Flex Cine Bi-Color LED 2-Light Travel Kit (1 x 1')

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Westcott Flex Cine Bi-Color LED 2-Light Travel Kit (1 x 1') - 7657

Key Features
  • 2 x Bi-Color 1 x 1' Mats
  • 2 x Dimmers, Shoulder Straps
  • 2 x Softboxes, 2 x Soft Diffusers
  • 8 x Scrim Jim 10" Tubes


Westcott has put together the 1 x 1' Flex Cine Bi-Color LED 2-Light Travel Kit for image-makers on the road who require their own portable power source for location shooting. The kit includes two 1 x 1' Bi-Color LED Mats, each with a dimmer, softbox with diffuser, Dual-Joint Tilter Bracket, 7' light stand, and a 26V lithium-ion battery. A dual charger is included to charge them. Westcott has also included Scrim Jim sections and corners that allow you to construct a 20 x 20" frame to which you can attach the optional diffusion material of your choice. Three cable ties are included as is a hard, waterproof case for storage and transport.

Westcott Flex Cine Bi-Color Mat (1 x 1')

This 1 x 1' Westcott Flex Cine Bi-Color Mat produces 2200 lux of daylight-balanced light with a nominal beam angle of 140°. This flexible mat features hook-and-loop fabric edging, as well as grommits for mounting, and it incorporates magnetic metal-capped corners allowing you to easily mount it on virtually any metallic surface. The flexible design enables you to shape the mat so that it produces a beam angle from 360° when rolled into a cylinder, to 140° when laid out flat.

The color temperature of the light's output is variable from 2800 to 6000K which makes it a good match when shooting exteriors, while the high CRI and TLCI provides excellent color reproduction. The mat is capable of producing flicker-free output from 1 to 100% of its brightness when connected to a Flex Cine Wireless Dimmer (not included). For the mat to function you will need to connect it to a Flex Cine Wireless Dimmer, and power it with a 14.8V V-mount battery or power supply.

The Flex Cine Mat features hook-and-loop fabric, grommets, and metal-capped corners that are magnetic, which can all be used for mounting (Optionally a yoke and flex mount are available separately) Reinforced mounting points and a reinforced cable mount compared to previous Westcott flexible LED mats extend the life of the Flex Cine Mat This flexible mat can be shapped to fit into tight spaces It features an IP64 rating 2200 lux at just over 3' UPC: 812735028682

Westcott Flex Cine Softbox 1 x 1'

The Flex Cine Softbox 1 x 1' from Westcott attaches to the optional Westcott 1 x 1' Scrim Jim Cine Frame to let you direct and diffuse Flex 1 x 1' LED mats. It secures to the Scrim Jim using integrated industrial-grade hook-and-loop strips, and it also supports an included diffuser or optional Westcot softbox eggcrate grid via hook-and-loop strips on the front. Designed to collapse flat for transport, the softbox can be carried in bags, cases, and luggage.


  • Flexible plastic plating
  • Finished with a smooth nylon exterior
  • Lined with a taut and reflective silver interior that maximizes light output
  • Heavy-duty hook-and-loop strips for securing to 1 x 1' Scrim Jim Cine frames
  • Heavy-duty hook-and-loop strips on the front for attaching the included diffuser or optional eggcrate grid
UPC: 812735029061

Westcott Dual-Joint Tilter Bracket

The Dual-Joint Tilter Bracket from Westcott is designed to facilitate articulating mounting of lights or accessories on a light stand. The Tilter Bracket has an industry-standard "Baby" 5/8" receiver attached to 2 swiveling ball joints that offer 180°+ tilting. The bracket is locked down by and oversized T-handle. At the top of the bracket is a 1/4"-20 male thread with an included 3/8"-16 bushing that will support gear weighing up to 20 lb. The threads will also accept adapters such as a 5/8" stud.

UPC: 812735023922

Westcott Scrim Jim Cine Frame Tube (10")

The integral component within a modular system, this 10" long Scrim Jim Cine Frame Tube from Westcott is used to construct customized panels in sizes ranging from 1 x 1' to 8 x 8'. When paired with optional fabrics, such as silks or diffusers, frame tubes form the rigid support from which fabrics are attached to create flags, diffusion panels, book lights, v-flats, or numerous other light controlling tools.

This tube is constructed from anodized aluminum alloy and heavy-duty hook-and-loop tape is riveted to two sides of the tube for attaching fabrics. A 3/8"-16 threaded mount is incorporated into the tube for mounting atop stands and additional dedicated self-locking connectors are used to combine several pieces of tube to create flat 2D frames or dynamic 3D light shaping tools.

Tube measures 10" long and can be added to additional tubes through the use of dedicated, self-locking connectors. Anodized aluminum-alloy construction and self-locking connectors both help to maintain rigid, reliable frame configurations in various sizes up to 8 x 8'. Hook-and-loop tape is riveted onto two sides of the tube and is used for attaching a variety of fabric types to the frame system. A 3/8"-16 mount is incorporated into the tube's design for mounting to stands or other accessories. UPC: 817967011877

Westcott Scrim Jim Cine 2D Corner Frame Connector

Integral to the versatile and modular system design, this Scrim Jim Cine 2D Corner Frame Connector from Westcott is used to connect any two Scrim Jim Cine frame tubes at a corner for making a 2D panel, reflector, flag, or other flat light modifier. A built-in positive locking button ensures a secure connection with the frame tube and its durable construction helps to maintain rigidity throughout long shoots and day-to-day use.

UPC: 817967011914

Westcott Compact Light Stand (7')

A sleek, portable stand well-matched to Westcott's Flex LED and Scrim Jim Cine lines, this Compact Light Stand has a maximum height of 7.4', collapses down to 19.3", and weighs 2.5 lb. The legs feature a reverse folding design that pairs with the 5 section profile to maintain the compact form factor that is ideal for location lighting applications. It is constructed from black coated aluminum alloy, features a brass head with 3/8"-16 threaded mount, and the legs have rubber grip feet for added stability.

UPC: 817967011693

Westcott 26V Lithium-Ion Battery for Flex Cine Mats

The Westcott 26V Lithium-Ion Battery for Flex Cine Mats is designed specifically to power Westcott Flex Cine LED fixtures. The 26V battery provides enough power to run the 1 x 1' and 2 x 1' Flex LED fixtures. The 150Wh capacity can easily run the 1 x 1' Flex Cine Mat (not included) for over two hours. Built-in intelligent IC circuit control protects the battery and helps it maintain its lifespan. An integrated LED battery gauge allows you to see how much charge remains in the battery.

This battery is not compatible with 14.8V chargers and must be charged on a separately available Westcott 26V charger, either single or dual bay. This 26V, 150Wh battery will power a 1 x 1' Flex Cine Mat for approximately 2.4 hours. UPC: 812735028620

Westcott 26V V-Mount Dual Bay Battery Charger

The Westcott 26V V-Mount Dual Bay Battery Charger features a metal housing and fan cooling, allowing it to simultaneously charge two Westcott 26V lithium-ion batteries in approximately 75 minutes. The charger integrates two V-mount battery plates for charging. However, it is only designed to be used to charge Westcott 26V lithium-ion batteries and should not be used with other batteries. Built-in LED indicators provide charging information.

This dual bay charger for 26V lithium-ion batteries should only be used to charge the Westcott #7583 26V lithium-ion battery. It is not compatible with 14.8 volt batteries. Simultaneously charges two 26V batteries in approximately 75 minutes. Fan-cooled charger in a metal housing.


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