Wooden Camera RED DSMC2 Accessory Kit (Advanced)

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Vendor: Wooden Camera



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The RED DSMC2 Accessory Kit (Advanced) is compatible with RED DSMC2 Brains (Monstro, Helium, Gemini), Weapon, Epic Weapon (Epic-W), Scarlet Weapon (Scarlet-W), and Raven. 

The RED DSMC2 Accessory Kit (Advanced) includes the Easy Riser, a baseplate that has 1/4-20 and 3/8-16 mounting points on the bottom, provides 1/4-20 holes on the side for attaching accessories and also brings the camera up to correct lens height when using a Bridgeplate built to RED standards. The LW 15mm Bracket attaches to the Easy Riser to hold two 15mm Rods (6") at the correct lens height. On top of the camera, the Pass Through Top Plate (RED DSMC2) provides 26pin LCD Connection and 3pin trigger handle interface. The Trigger Handle (RED DSMC2) is a tool-less handle that can trigger the camera through the 3pin pogo interface on top of the camera or Pass Through Top Plate (RED DSMC2). 

The Dovetail Clamp, located on the bottom, is an ARRI standard dovetail interface that attaches to the included Safety Dovetail (8") to allow for quick install and removal, as well as counterbalancing. The A-Box (RED DSMC2) plugs into the RED Base Expander Module and converts the 3.5mm microphone input into two industry standard XLRs. Note that the Base Expander Module is required for the A-Box to function and phantom power is not available.



Pass Through Top Plate (RED DSMC2)
Easy Riser (RED DSMC2)
LW 15mm Bracket (RED DSMC2)
Trigger Handle (RED DSMC2)
Dovetail Clamp
Safety Dovetail (8")
2x 15mm Rod (6")

Weight: 1588g (3.5 lbs)
Dimensions: 304.80 x 298.45 x 69.85 mm (12.0 x 11.75 x 2.75 in)




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