Zhiyun-Tech CRANE 3S PRO Handheld Stabilizer

Product type: Gimbal

Vendor: zhiyun



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Key Features
  • 14.3 lb Payload, PowerPlus Battery Pack
  • Redesigned Detachable SmartSling Handle
  • Zoom and Focus Controllers, Transmitter
  • Updated Axis Locking System

      The CRANE 3S PRO from Zhiyun-Tech is a powerful redesign of previous Zhiyun gimbals with the addition of detachable handle options, a large 14.3 lb payload, an updated axis-locking system, external power input, and the ViaTouch 2.0 motion control system. The CRANE 3S PRO also features numerous advanced features such as wireless video transmission, professional zoom and focus controllers, and an external battery option. It can also accommodate a wide range of camera sizes by utilizing a separately available extension module to extend the horizontal arm, which is now positioned at a 55° angle. The gimbal can stabilize camera loads up to 14.3 lb.

      The 3S PRO has two options for the detachable, angled handle. The included SmartSling handle offers an ergonomic handle with an integrated joystick and control buttons, and the optional EasySling handle provides a simple, comfortable handgrip without controls. The handle enables you to seamlessly switch to underslung mode, whether with one or two hands, and achieve creative shots such as 330° roll shots as you move closer toward a subject. All the controls you need are provided at your fingertips at the top of the main handle along with an OLED status screen. The free Zhiyun iOS/Android app provides many of the same control functions as well as special features such as panorama, focus time-lapse, motion time-lapse, long exposure time-lapse, camera settings, and more.

      You can power the 3S PRO using an internal battery, but if you need extra shooting time a DC port allows you to plug in the included Transmount PowerPlus battery pack that contains six 18650 batteries. The CRANE 3S PRO can be controlled using the updated ViaTouch 2.0 iOS or Android smartphone app via Bluetooth 5.0 for remote motion control and to manage the gimbal settings. Also included with the 3S PRO is the Transmount Image Transmission System transmitter, which allows you to connect your camera, mount the transmitter on the gimbal, and transmit your live camera view to a separately available Transmount receiver.

      Nine accessory mounting threads are available around the gimbal to add a variety of Transmount or third-party accessories. Another major feature of the gimbal is a redesigned axis latch lock system consisting of a separate latch lock on each axis that provides solid locking in place without excess sway. This feature allows you to lock the individual axes to remember your balance positions when powering the gimbal off so you won't have to rebalance for each use. A smartphone clamp is also included with the 3S PRO so you can keep your smartphone secure while managing the gimbal movement.


      Included with the Pro Package

      • 1x Crane 3S Stabiliser
      • 1x TransMount Image Transmission Transmitter
      • 1x TransMount Power Plus Battery Pack
      • 1x TransMount Phone Holder with CrownGear
      • 1x TransMount Servo Zoom/Focus Motor (Max)
      • 1x TransMount Servo Focus Motor(Lite)
      • 1x TransMount Handheld Tripod
      • 1x Storage Box
      • 1x SmartSling Handle
      • 1x EasySling Handle
      • 1x Extension Arm
      • 1x Quick Release Plate
      • 1x SmartSling Handle Adapter Base
      • 1x Lens Support
      • 1x USB Type-C Charging Cable
      • 1x Canon Camera Control Cable (Micro, TYPE C)
      • 2x Lens Support Tube
      • 1x Battery Charger
      • 3x 18650 Li-Ion Batteries (2600 mAh)
      • 1x M1.3 Wrench, M2.5 Wrench & M4 Wrench Set
      • 1x Canon Camera Control Cable (Mini, TYPE C)
      • 1x Panasonic Camera Control Cable (TYPE C, TYPE C)
      • 1x Sony Camera Control Cable (TYPE C, Multi)
      • 1x Backing Base
      • 3x 1/4-20 Screw
      • 1x Quick Start Guide

      Innovative Gimbal Design

      Detachable, angled handle allows for two-handed operation; the SmartSling handle with integrated controls is included, with the choice of the optional EasySling handle, a simplified handle.

      Aviation Grade Motors

      Featuring more powerful motors and a different gimbal design from the CRANE 3 LAB, the CRANE 3S PRO achieves a greater load capacity of 14.3 lb.

      Crafted Latch Design

      The CRANE 3S PRO is designed with a locking latch next to each axis for saving the balance positions when powering the gimbal off for storage or battery swaps. When powered back on, the gimbal returns to its balance positions. This way you won't have to rebalance it every time you power it on.

      ViaTouch Control System

      The ViaTouch 2.0 Control System consists of a variety of controls that come up on the Zhiyun app and allow for framing shots, controlling certain gimbal movements, and adjusting camera settings.
      PRO package includes Transmount Image Transmission System Transmitter, PowerPlus battery pack, zoom and focus controllers, and a smartphone clamp.


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